Done and Done – 1345 Huge Success!

We’ll I wouldnt go so far as to say we pulled it off with out a hitch, but we did pull it off… and we learned some lessons and I think that it is very safe to say that there will most definalty be a 4th Annual 1345 Film Festival next year.

So it Begins

This is our third year of hosting the film festival. We decided to take it a little easier this year and not try to kill ourselves making the epic films we have in the past. That, however, hasn’t stopped us from creating some of the finest cinema ever imagined. Behold a screen shot from one of our films. Those who have experienced the 1345 Film Festival in the past may have an idea of what you are in store for this year. In case you are completely in the dark, check out the video below. The 1345 Film Festival will be moving to its new location this year in Art Alley on July 23, 2011. we’ll start the show around 9:00pm,...