RIP Methuselah

Reptile Gardens posted this morning that their 130 year old Galapagos Tortoise passed away yesterday.
He was a good ol boy, that’s for sure. I’m trying to get my mind around why this news has made me so sad. I think it has to do the fact that he’s such an icon of the Black Hills; he’s just always been here, every year, chowin’ down on watermelon and soaking up the sun. I’d wager a bet that there are hundreds of thousands of people who have fond memories of him. We all have photos of us with him, and our children with him tucked away in dusty cardboard boxes in our closets. You always knew when you went there that he’d be there with an almost goofy smile across his face, and you’d wonder if there was any way he remembered you from your last visit. A lot of people loved that tortoise and i’m not sure there’s another one out there who’s been loved as much… 130 years is a hell of a good run.. but knowing this hasnt stopped me from expecting him to live forever and continue to be there endlessly.

My dad added: To the degree that he became an idea in our minds, Bon, he will continue to “live” as long he’s remembered. He’s just in the process of rearranging his atoms now.