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1345 Film Festival is knock knock knockin

Well, its Tuesday. That means tomorrow is Wednesday, then it will be Thursday and after that Friday. The day that follows Friday? Yep. Saturday. This Saturday is the Film Festival and in our usual fashion we are doubling the amount of films we have daily.

Dylan and I got called down to Art Alley last week to get our picture taken (not one of my favorite activities) for the Rapid City Journal. Here’s the teaser shot they are running on their website.

Bonny Fleming, left, 31, and her brother, Dylan Fleming, 27, are creators of the 1345 Film Festival. The pair have been making movies for about 10 years. The film festival used to be held in Bonny's yard, but because of its growing popularity, it will be held in Art Alley. (Ryan Soderlin/Journal staff)

I imagine the Article will run later in the week.